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Celebrating achievements

Celebrating achievements Posted on September 15, 2017Leave a comment

Life is made up of many achievements; some big, some small and some so personal that no one but you knows that they have happened.  Celebrating achievements is incredibly important. It can be hard to rate your own success and understand how they are contributing to both your private and professional life.  Taking time to celebrate success can help you process it and give yourself some well-deserved praise for a job well done, whatever that job may have been!

Surprise parties

Throwing a surprise party for a friend is a great way to celebrate their success. Gathering a group to share in the celebration will impress upon the guest of honour just how much they have accomplished.  Another great reason for throwing a surprise bash is that many people can be very humble about their achievements and would perhaps not feel comfortable with arranging their own party.  Take it out their hands by unashamedly tooting their horn for them! A guest book or poster is a great way for partygoers to leave their own messages of congratulation and will also be a wonderful keepsake for the party honoree.

Small Things

Not every moment needs a big party but that’s not to say a small party wouldn’t go amiss!  Adding some decorative touches to a co-workers cubicle or desk area will brighten up their day no end and keep their recent success in the forefront of their mind.   Balloons tie to their car is always another good option!

Track your achievements

For projects you know are going to be significant, consider writing down your thoughts, assumptions or hopes at the beginning.  Re-reading these at the end of it all may give you some surprising insight into what you have achieved and how you have grown.  Documenting your process periodically through your journey can help you keep it in perspective and will give you a greater perspective on your thought process. How you chose to document it is up to you, some people may find that journal entries are a good way of keeping track, while others may want to use photography as a means of tracking progress.


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