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Scientific smiling

Scientific smiling Posted on September 25, 2017Leave a comment

Isn’t a smile such a wonderful thing!? The benefits of a big cheesy grin might just astound you, or dare we say… give you something to smile about!

Health benefits

Smiling has proven the multiple health benefits of smiling.  Smiling can help to lower stress, increase productivity and has even been shown to have pain-relieving effects. This is all very well and good but I bet you are thinking “But what if I’m not happy?”. Yes, smiling can reduce stress but if you are in a stressful situation what are the chances you are doing something that makes you smile? Well, the great news is that you can fake it till you make it!  A big fake smile, one that wrinkles your laugh lines, has all the benefits of a real one.  Fake smiling has been shown to improve your mood and if you smile through a particularly tough exercise class or workout you might find that your stamina improves aa the smile release endorphins into your system.

Make friends

If meeting new people is something that causes anxiety in you, bring your biggest smile. Not only will the fake it till you make it concept apply and perhaps calm your nerves, that big smile is more likely to encourage someone to strike up a conversation with you.  Humans are hardwired to respond to smiles and not only do we gravitate towards smiley people when meeting new people, we are also much more likely to trust someone who smiles more.

Contagious smiling

Yes, smiling is absolutely contagious! A smile takes little to no effort to pull off, yet it can have a huge impact on another person’s day. The next time you are out shopping, running errands or even commuting, make an effort to smile at the people who are making that happen for you; the bus driver, the shop assistant, the cashier at the checkout… Smile and see how many smiles you get back!

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