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Get away from it all

Get away from it all Posted on October 1, 2017Leave a comment

With Winter drawing in and Christmas fast approaching this is the perfect time to think about getting away from the hubbub of things to recharge before the festive season hits with full force. Some people like to plan out every inch of their holiday while others take a more go with the flow approach to getting away from it all, whatever your style don’t forget to have fun (and perhaps take lots of pictures).

City Breaks

A break in a city is a great way to experience a new culture, each city has its own flavour and you may be surprised at the ways cities that are comparatively close to each other geographically can have a quite different lifestyle and atmosphere.  Depending on what you are planning to do a city break has the potential to be quite tiring.  If your intention for the trip is to relax, be careful not to over-schedule yourself, consider staying somewhere central so you can be within walking distance of attractions, cafes and bars.

Wilderness Breaks

If a city does not sound like your cup of tea, consider getting far far away from it all with a wilderness break. Youth hostels are a great option for people wanting to experience a wilder slice of life but who may not be excited about camping during the more wintery months, not to mention the benefit of not having to bring absolutely everything with you.  The Scottish Youth Hostel Association has a number of unusual and unique hostels with a surprising level of comfort available.  From former castles to hostels that can only be reached by foot, you are sure to find the right spot.  Make it a group adventure by renting an entire hostel for you and your friends!


There is a lot to be said for staying at home too!  Local attractions can often be passed over in favour of further afield locations, use a staycation to really get to know and experience your area.  The key to a staycation is to act like you truly are on holiday.  If you were staying at a villa in Spain would you start gardening, rearranging the cupboards or commit to washing every single piece of cloth in the building?  Of course not! Plan your staycation well with activities and events so you don’t get sucked into a spiral of housework when you are meant to be relaxing.

Adventure awaits!

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