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Gifts for babies

Gifts for babies Posted on October 6, 2017Leave a comment

When a new life makes an entrance into the world, there is no shortage of potential gifts. From wipe warmers to dummies that include a moustache your options are endless!  If you are a parent yourself consider what was most helpful to you when you had your child and use that as inspiration when it comes to gift buying.  Not all gifts have to be objects, read on to find out more about photo shoots for newborns.

Capturing special moments

Give the gift of happy memories with a photo shoot. Consider arranging for a shoot of the newborn as soon as mum and dad are comfortable taking the little one out of the house.  Here are our recommendations for newborn photos:

  • Feed your wee one before the shoot. A full belly will help keep baby happy and content
  • Keep the studio warm.  Crank the heat up for a more comfortable and sleepy making vibe
  • It’s all about the scheduling!  The period of time between  2 weeks old and 6 weeks old is ideal to capture those special newborn quirks on film. The time of day matters too! Plan your shoot for the morning so you can hit the sweet spot between breakfast and lunch,
  • Involve the whole family.  Make sure sibling, parents and even family pets get included.  For siblings that may be not too impressed with the new addition, this can be a lovely bonding experience while the big brother or sister receives lots of positive attention.

Peace of mind for mum & dad

Be considerate of the parent’s wishes.  For example, if the parents have made it known that they only want their baby coming into contact with natural materials, don’t try and force a polyester sheet set on them.  Similarly, if they are not a fan of gendered colours (pink and blue) don’t buy up princess onesies for their daughter and ones with blue trucks for their son.

Whatever you decide to do or get for the new arrival ensure that the babies safety and well being are the utmost priority.  Don’t let any gift get within babies reach that you are not 100% sure will not present a choking or toxicity hazard, while this is a good rule of thumb for anything you get for a baby, it is especially pressing for repurposed and upcycled items that you may make yourself.


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