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Gifts to make them smile

Gifts to make them smile Posted on November 5, 2017Leave a comment

When it comes to buying gifts for couples, take a break from the traditional approach of buying each person an individual gift and instead consider getting a joint gift for the both of them that will bring a shared joy and meaning. As we all know, relationships can be hard work and with all the pressures of modern life, it can be easy to prioritize other things over the health and wellbeing of those relationships.  A shared present is a great reminder of the partnership that relationships are.

Date night with a difference

Dates are fun! Now that we have that out in the open, can we just take a moment to rember the feeling of those first few dates with your partner, the nervousness of being close to each other, the excitement of discovering something new and the joy of a shared experience.  Dates are not just fun,  they are also important to the growth and health of a relationship. If you are looking to give your favourite couple an experience they won’t forget with a date night with a difference visit  for lots of great options. Whether you decide to go with a more outlandish experience like an Alpaca trek (yes please!), an interactive option such as pottery or graffiti classes or a luxurious dinner with cocktails at a top restaurant your gift of a day out will be hugely appreciated.


Help a  couple set up their new home or prepare for an addition to the family with a gift that is both useful and beautiful.  For small gifts consider colourful and unusually shaped cooking utensils to bing a pop of colour to their kitchen.  Take a more high tech approach by setting the lucky couple up with up with a wide screen television or surround sound system.  For couples expecting a baby there is almost no end to items that will make things more comfortable.  For any home goods inspired gift pay attention to things that a couple may not buy for themselves; this could mean purchasing an item that is one or two steps above the basic model or a piece of artwork that would be consider a luxury in their house buying budget.

Last Minute Gift

Life comes at as fast and sometimes we are not as prepared as we would like to be!  So when disaster

(or poor time management) strikes our favourite gift for a couple is dinner and a movie.  It can be thrown together in a jiffy and will make any couple smile!

Dinner and a movie: Head to your local supermarket for a gift buying spree!  Pick up a couple of packets of microwave popcorn, a bottle of wine or two and then comb through the DVD section for an old classic movie.  For the dinner portion of the gift pick up a gift card to a local restaurant or take away place. Arrange all the items in a bowl that can later be used for the popcorn, wrap in some cellophane or just nestle the items in coloured tissue paper and voila, you have the perfect couple’s gift, ready to go!



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